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Our journey

PESSO Marketing creates imaginative solutions and is relentlessly committed to creating the best experience for our clients as well as their customers.
Our belief is that an idea is only great when it delivers results that truly matters to our clients. To achieve those results, we begin with forming strategies that are true about our clients’ brands, their business objectives and consumers’ needs. This allows us to build a purposeful foundation, a launching pad that inspires innovative thinking, unexpected creativity and meaningful connections with customers.

Since 2008, we begun with a clear vision to help brands acquire, engage, retain, grow and win back customers. Since then, we’ve kept these core principals while adding new services and capabilities that are smarter, more cost-effective, and address the specific needs of our clients. It’s how we’ve been able to steadily evolve into an agency that helps our clients brands grow and prosper. 

PESSO Marketing is a Level 1 contributor to B-BBEE